World BBoy Classic

On June 14th, World BBoy Classic celebrates it’s 6th anniversary with a NEW competition format.

In 2009 World B-Boy Classic was created to showcase the world’s most creative and innovative B-Boys in an international 2 vs 2 Breakdance competition.
A special feature of the event was the participation of 8-16 specially invited professional B-Boys.
These top dancers would be paired up making unique duos facing the winners of World BBoy Classic Qualifier events taking place all over the world.
In five years World B-Boy Classic has become the world’s premier 2 vs 2 Breakdance competition with a growing number of qualifiers around the globe.
The events main event (World Final) traditionally takes place in june at the famous Klok Building in Eindhoven.

The 2014 edition of World B-Boy Classic will not feature 8 specially invited professional dancers.
Instead, the event creates equal chances for both professionals and amateurs by offering a total price money of 12.000,00 EUR
for all competitors who make it to the World Finals.
More then ever the World BBoy Classic 2014 promises to be an epic battle arena with a grand prize of 4000,00 EUR for the winners.

  • 名称: World BBoy Classic
  • 開催日時: 2014 年 6 月 14 日 13:00 〜 22:00
  • 開催地域:
  • 場所: Klokgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 料金: € 15.00 EUR
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  • 主催: production of 45 Live
  • 共催: Mad Skills.
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  • 出演: WBC 2014 Qualifier winners: WBC Greece: Zoob & Lazy John (Dead Prezz-ent Crew) WBC Ukraine: Pluto & Well (Ruffneck Attack) WBC Israel: Hulk & Poter (Unstopabullz Crew) WBC Brazil: Onnurb & HP (Funk Fockers) WBC Turkey: Lil Fox (DSC) & Jester (VWC)